Uncrowded, uncommercialized and uncongested - unspoiled. Those are but a few of the words that describe our charming little sundrenched and windswept Caribbean island paradise of St Croix.

St Croix is an island rich in cultural history and steeped in tradition, originating from the many various peoples who have occupied the land, to the 7 different nations which have laid claim to her over the centuries. Because of that, St Croix’s heritage is diverse, taking on the holidays and traditions of many different countries. The native tongue is a combination of old African, Dutch, Danish, English and French Creole, along with some Spanish influence. English is the common language spoken throughout St Croix. Even our driving habits (we drive on the left, you know) are a throwback to the olden days. Somehow, to the Crucians, it was jut not that important to change it, when America took over ownership in the early 1900’s.

Although the largest of the Virgin Islands, St Croix still has the charm and warmth of a small locale.

The island is lush and pastoral, with many of its rolling hills dotted with ancient sugar mill ruins, where the winds once turned the sugar cane mills of the old plantations. Breathtaking views await at every bend of the road.

From the densely forested Rain Forest on the West End, to the land of scrub brush and cacti on the East End, you’ll find a diverse landscape of stunning vistas along your travels.

Postcard quality snapshot opportunities abound. The beaches, white and powdery, are too numerous to count, and you’re more likely to share a long stretch of beach with a few starfish or a turtle than you are with a crowd of people.

The azure Caribbean waters are warm and clear and every shade and hue of aqua and teal and turquoise imaginable.

If you’re looking to get away FROM it all, rather than TO it all, then St Croix is the place for you. St Croix is very casual, relaxed, and laid-back. Our rush hour consists of maybe a few dozen cars and lasts 5 minutes at the most. Life moves at a much slower pace here, hence the term “Island-Time”.

When you can only drive so far in any given direction, what’s the hurry?

Come experience Island-Time for yourself - you’ll be glad you did!


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American citizens don't need a passport to come to the US Virgin Islands. A valid driver's license would suffice. Remember, althought this is a US territory we drive on the left hand side!

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